Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The House on Colorado Boulevard

As I was preparing to print some pages, I realized that I needed a 'companion page' for the one of the home Grandpa built for his mother; so I used that template to make a quick layout of these photos of the 'house on Coloarado Boulevard' which was the setting for several pictures that we have.

When we went to Eagle Rock in 2011, we hoped to find this house.  However, nearly every old home on this street had been destroyed.  It was only through the help of a historian in the area, Eric Warren; and through Steve's sharp eyes noting architectural similarities on the back of a house in a large photo of early Eagle Rock, that we located the home!

When we went back to Eagle Rock in 2014, we were able to tour the inside of this home, as well as the inside of the home seen in the background.  Through reading a few Eagle Rock newspapers from 1919-1927 (also provided by Eric Warren), I discovered that the 2nd home was built by Daddah and Mammah (August Ludwig & Delia Gallagher Ludwig), and they had lived there! 
It's fun to look at the two photos, and notice how the Wisteria and other flowers had grown when the second photo was taken.  Walt & Kay are posing on the sidewalk in the smaller photo; they can also be seen in the shadows on the front porch in the main photo.  [Just click on the photo and you'll see a larger version to view details.]

This is the home where photos were taken of the six brothers with their mother, Narcissa McMurrain Brown, on the steps, right before Fred (aka Jack of Jack & Peg) left for France in World War I.

If you decide to go looking for these homes, be aware that the address is now 2358 Colorado Boulevard, rather than 312 Colorado Boulevard.  I plan to post current photos at a later date.  We had stayed at a motel on Colorado Boulevard on our first trip; when we actually found the house, it was just a block away!  It was difficult to recognize at that time, due to flamboyant awnings & yard decorations being used in connection with a business conducted there.  It is currently a residence once more.

Some more pages completed and probably not shared here...

I recently selected some of my page layouts to print, and realized that I probably haven't shared them here on my blog - since I haven't done any posts here for several years...
So - enjoy (or re-enjoy) these pieces of our family history.
I've somehow messed up the 1st page, so you can't click on it to see a larger view; but if you click on one of the others, you'll be able to see the last 5 pages.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Relatives we never knew we had...

When Linnea and I found these photos in the envelope labeled "Folk's Family" we only recognized Mary Gallagher ("Mah"), our great-great-grandmother (she was May & Peg's grandma, mother of Delia).  We didn't recognize the woman and boy in the photos.

When I finally located Mary Gallagher in the 1910 census, in Los Angeles, I realized that she lived only a short distance from Delia & August Ludwig ("Mammah" & "Daddah"); I also saw that the woman and boy living with her were another daughter & a grandson!  Click on the photos below for a few more details:

Thursday, July 31, 2014

More Pages from World War I Era

There are quite a few pages, but I couldn't seem to leave any of these photos out!  Many of us knew him as "Jack", but during this period of time, he apparently went by Frederick or Fredrick or F Morgan or Fred Morgan - depends on what photo you are checking the back of, or which draft notice you look at!

I'm wanting to continue to focus on this heritage album project - so there should be more pages soon!
: )

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Discovery About Daddah's Mother, Lizetta Feig Ludwig Schubert

I just want to share with all of you a discovery I made this morning!  Quite some time ago I discovered an entry at Find-A-Grave for Lizette Schubert (Lizette Feig Ludwig, Daddah's mother).  Next I contacted a volunteer in Pittsburgh, who took a photograph of the headstone.  The year of death is shown as 1909.  Since she was buried in Pennsylvania, that's where I have searched (with no results) for a death certificate.

You may know that Lizette's first husband, Christian Ludwig, passed away; when she remarried, her new husband's name was Christian Schubert - talk about confusing!  [There was also another couple, Christ & Elizabeth Schubert, living in Pittsburgh; don't know yet whether they were related to Lizette's second husband.] 

This morning I did a search without limiting it to Pennsylvania - and it turns out that Lizette died in Los Angeles, California!  I am anxious to order a copy of the death certificate - it should give an address for place of death, tell how long she had lived there, etc.  Now that I know that she passed away while in California, I'm wondering if we may have solved another 'mystery' photo - could the lady in this photo be Lizette??  Anyone have any thoughts on this??

A few layouts, with a promise of more to come!

I am challenging myself to complete layouts for our heritage album!  Please click on the photos below, in order to see them in a 'readable' size!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another George mystery??

I think I have another mystery, and I'd like to have everyone's opinion . . .

For a long time I had no idea what George Eugene Brown, our great-grandfather and husband of our great-grandmother Narcissa Lorena McMurrain, looked like.  Then Craig gave me a photo with 'Narcissie McMurrain Brown' written on the back of it; the photo was taken at "Alpha A Williams" photographer in Columbus, Georgia. 

Since Narcissa was standing with her hand on the man's shoulder, I assumed that was her husband, George.  (That assumption was helped along by the fact that the man is an absolute look-alike to my brother Larry.)  (This photo is top and center.)

I sort of glossed over the fact that he didn't look much like the blurry xerox copy of a copy (top right) I had gotten from the San Augustine, TX library, of George when he was young.

This summer two photographs of a middle-aged George Eugene Brown came my way.  Although he was ill with tuberculosis at the time these were taken, careful comparison of pictures raises the question - is he the same man who was in the photo with Narcissa Lorena McMurrain when she was younger???

Did they ever do a photo pose like that with a brother and sister??  Could he be one of Narcissa's brothers?  Or might she have been married briefly, earlier?? (She was 26 when she married George.)  Or - is it really George in all of the photos??

What do you think?? Any thoughts or comments will be much appreciated!