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Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Discovery About Daddah's Mother, Lizetta Feig Ludwig Schubert

I just want to share with all of you a discovery I made this morning!  Quite some time ago I discovered an entry at Find-A-Grave for Lizette Schubert (Lizette Feig Ludwig, Daddah's mother).  Next I contacted a volunteer in Pittsburgh, who took a photograph of the headstone.  The year of death is shown as 1909.  Since she was buried in Pennsylvania, that's where I have searched (with no results) for a death certificate.

You may know that Lizette's first husband, Christian Ludwig, passed away; when she remarried, her new husband's name was Christian Schubert - talk about confusing!  [There was also another couple, Christ & Elizabeth Schubert, living in Pittsburgh; don't know yet whether they were related to Lizette's second husband.] 

This morning I did a search without limiting it to Pennsylvania - and it turns out that Lizette died in Los Angeles, California!  I am anxious to order a copy of the death certificate - it should give an address for place of death, tell how long she had lived there, etc.  Now that I know that she passed away while in California, I'm wondering if we may have solved another 'mystery' photo - could the lady in this photo be Lizette??  Anyone have any thoughts on this??

A few layouts, with a promise of more to come!

I am challenging myself to complete layouts for our heritage album!  Please click on the photos below, in order to see them in a 'readable' size!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another George mystery??

I think I have another mystery, and I'd like to have everyone's opinion . . .

For a long time I had no idea what George Eugene Brown, our great-grandfather and husband of our great-grandmother Narcissa Lorena McMurrain, looked like.  Then Craig gave me a photo with 'Narcissie McMurrain Brown' written on the back of it; the photo was taken at "Alpha A Williams" photographer in Columbus, Georgia. 

Since Narcissa was standing with her hand on the man's shoulder, I assumed that was her husband, George.  (That assumption was helped along by the fact that the man is an absolute look-alike to my brother Larry.)  (This photo is top and center.)

I sort of glossed over the fact that he didn't look much like the blurry xerox copy of a copy (top right) I had gotten from the San Augustine, TX library, of George when he was young.

This summer two photographs of a middle-aged George Eugene Brown came my way.  Although he was ill with tuberculosis at the time these were taken, careful comparison of pictures raises the question - is he the same man who was in the photo with Narcissa Lorena McMurrain when she was younger???

Did they ever do a photo pose like that with a brother and sister??  Could he be one of Narcissa's brothers?  Or might she have been married briefly, earlier?? (She was 26 when she married George.)  Or - is it really George in all of the photos??

What do you think?? Any thoughts or comments will be much appreciated!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Mementos from Mammah

Linnea and I had fun photographing Delia's items at her house; I don't want to tell you how long ago we did that - I'll only admit that I better complete layouts more often than every six weeks!!  : )

Monday, August 19, 2013

Ludwig Heirlooms

Here are two more pages, featuring photos of a few items which feature memories of my great-grandparents, August and Delia Ludwig.  I've scrapped the pages using:

kit: Family Gathering & Family Gathering Add-On from Forget-Me-Nots by Theresa Lindamood
Paper Blender by Bluebells & Butterflies (modified to 8.5x11)

As always, click on the page in order to see a larger, more readable version:

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

McMurrain Bible & Wedding & Maps & May with Walt!

A few more pages for the heritage album!  I received the copies for the 1st two pages from members of the Snelling family, in Georgia; they scanned pages from the McMurrain Bible.  The births, marriages, & deaths cover 1822-1892 and beyond; the Bible apparently belonged to John Wesley and Phebe Ann (Motley) McMurrain.  I used 'Cottage Bouquet' from Forget-Me-Nots, by Theresa Lindamood, to scrap these items.

 The next four pages are scrapbook pages featuring our great-great grandparents, John Wesley and Phebe Ann (Motley) McMurrain, and their daughter (our great-grandmother, Narcissa Lorena McMurrain Brown).  I scrapped them using 'Family Treasures' kit from Forget-Me-Nots, by Theresa Lindamood.

 It is so special to have the copies of John & Phebe's marriage records.  I think it is interesting that they got the wedding license in November 1844, but weren't married until May 1845.  I wonder why.

The maps surrounding the photo of Narcissa are from a variety of years; each of them includes Upatoi (sometimes spelled Upatoie), Georgia, where Narcissa was raised.  This page was made with 'Family Gathering' from Forget-Me-Nots, by Theresa Lindamood.
This final page, featuring a photo of May with Walt, also includes two pictures of children playing with dolls and teddy bear.  The lower snapshot is definitely of Kay with her dolls; the upper snapshot might be Walt??  I used the 'Family Treasures' kit for this layout, as well.
As always, your comments and corrections are welcomed!  :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

McMurrain and Brown Homes...

These five pages were created using a kit called "Our Home" from Forget-Me-Nots by Theresa Lindamood; it is available at Heritage Scrap.

The first page features a photo from 1897 of the home in Upatoi, Georgia, where our great-grandmother grew up.  Grandma said it was a plantation, with slaves (this is supported by census records).  The page lists names and dates; of special note is the fact that our great-great-grandmother, Phebe Ann Motley McMurrain, is in the center of the group in the photo.  This photo has been made available to us by the generosity of the Snelling Family in Georgia.

The second page is about the first home in which my grandparents (Walter and May Ludwig Brown) lived.

The next two pages are a demonstration of Walter's ingenuity - he bought 7 acres with a house on it, and when the city put a street through, he moved the house in order to build more homes on that property.

The final page shows another of the houses we located in Eagle Rock when we were there in 2011:
Grandpa's unique designs in the concrete at the bottom of the steps provided confirmation that we were at the correct house - as did the intricate shingle patterns!