Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ludwig and McMurrain-Brown Photos

These Ludwig-Brown photos were provided by Craig Evans - some very special photos - thank you, Craig!!

I did only some quick photo-editing - I'll work on the tear on the one picture later, but wanted to get these posted.

As usual, click on the photo and you'll see a larger view...

The first photo is not identified, but is probably of my Great-Grandmother, Narcissa Lorena McMurrain Brown:

The second photo is of an unidentified baby - but looks like a Brown!

This photo is identified as being of Lucius & Emma McMurrain (Lucius was Narcissa's older brother, according to census info):

This photo is identified as being of 'Narcissie McMurrain Brown', and it seems a safe assumption that she is standing beside her husband, George Eugene Brown:

This photo is of my Great-grandfather from the other side, August Ludwig, with his daughter Lizetta (who later changed her name to Peg), known to most of us as Nannee:

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