Thursday, February 21, 2013

McMurrain and Brown Homes...

These five pages were created using a kit called "Our Home" from Forget-Me-Nots by Theresa Lindamood; it is available at Heritage Scrap.

The first page features a photo from 1897 of the home in Upatoi, Georgia, where our great-grandmother grew up.  Grandma said it was a plantation, with slaves (this is supported by census records).  The page lists names and dates; of special note is the fact that our great-great-grandmother, Phebe Ann Motley McMurrain, is in the center of the group in the photo.  This photo has been made available to us by the generosity of the Snelling Family in Georgia.

The second page is about the first home in which my grandparents (Walter and May Ludwig Brown) lived.

The next two pages are a demonstration of Walter's ingenuity - he bought 7 acres with a house on it, and when the city put a street through, he moved the house in order to build more homes on that property.

The final page shows another of the houses we located in Eagle Rock when we were there in 2011:
Grandpa's unique designs in the concrete at the bottom of the steps provided confirmation that we were at the correct house - as did the intricate shingle patterns! 

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