Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another George mystery??

I think I have another mystery, and I'd like to have everyone's opinion . . .

For a long time I had no idea what George Eugene Brown, our great-grandfather and husband of our great-grandmother Narcissa Lorena McMurrain, looked like.  Then Craig gave me a photo with 'Narcissie McMurrain Brown' written on the back of it; the photo was taken at "Alpha A Williams" photographer in Columbus, Georgia. 

Since Narcissa was standing with her hand on the man's shoulder, I assumed that was her husband, George.  (That assumption was helped along by the fact that the man is an absolute look-alike to my brother Larry.)  (This photo is top and center.)

I sort of glossed over the fact that he didn't look much like the blurry xerox copy of a copy (top right) I had gotten from the San Augustine, TX library, of George when he was young.

This summer two photographs of a middle-aged George Eugene Brown came my way.  Although he was ill with tuberculosis at the time these were taken, careful comparison of pictures raises the question - is he the same man who was in the photo with Narcissa Lorena McMurrain when she was younger???

Did they ever do a photo pose like that with a brother and sister??  Could he be one of Narcissa's brothers?  Or might she have been married briefly, earlier?? (She was 26 when she married George.)  Or - is it really George in all of the photos??

What do you think?? Any thoughts or comments will be much appreciated!


  1. Good for you for blogging your genealogy! I did that before and it helped people find me. They googled me and next I knew, I had more information than I ever dreamed.

  2. Hey! I see I checked on you in April. checking again!