Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Discovery About Daddah's Mother, Lizetta Feig Ludwig Schubert

I just want to share with all of you a discovery I made this morning!  Quite some time ago I discovered an entry at Find-A-Grave for Lizette Schubert (Lizette Feig Ludwig, Daddah's mother).  Next I contacted a volunteer in Pittsburgh, who took a photograph of the headstone.  The year of death is shown as 1909.  Since she was buried in Pennsylvania, that's where I have searched (with no results) for a death certificate.

You may know that Lizette's first husband, Christian Ludwig, passed away; when she remarried, her new husband's name was Christian Schubert - talk about confusing!  [There was also another couple, Christ & Elizabeth Schubert, living in Pittsburgh; don't know yet whether they were related to Lizette's second husband.] 

This morning I did a search without limiting it to Pennsylvania - and it turns out that Lizette died in Los Angeles, California!  I am anxious to order a copy of the death certificate - it should give an address for place of death, tell how long she had lived there, etc.  Now that I know that she passed away while in California, I'm wondering if we may have solved another 'mystery' photo - could the lady in this photo be Lizette??  Anyone have any thoughts on this??

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